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Live football games in Hooters®

Men are said to be like adult kids with adult toys.And one of the favorite entertainment for men is football.But due to everyday concerns you don't always have a chance to kick a football on the pitch. That's why you can often combine one pleasure with even greater pleasure and watch live football games on the TV screen for there's no better time than with friends supporting one team.

Where to watch live football in the capital

We know where to watch live football in Moscow and enjoy it - in our Hooters sports bar. Here we have a lot of screens which will let you comfortably watch the live games from any seat in the dining room. Thanks to the video walls you will be able to watch matches on huge screens. Friendly Hooters Girls will create unique atmosphere of excitement and joy. Several glasses of cold beer will boost your delight with the game. And finally it will be a great present for all sports fans if a famous commentator or football player comes to visit.

Keep track of all live games in Hooters®

The schedule of games of Russian and foreign teams is weekly renewed on the website, as well as in the official Hooters group in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook. You may follow us on Twitter and Instagram where you will get the latest news about upcoming events of the world football on the screens of our bar. You won't miss a game with us! After the football game in Hooters you can always celebrate the victory of your favorite team and we share this pleasure with you!

To watch football in Hooters bar, please choose a game from the schedule and book a table on the website or telephone +7 (495) 623-00-03, or using a form on the website.