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20 beer brands

20 сортов пива

This news is one of a kind! We now offer you 20 brands of ice cold beer in Hooters!

When opening our beer menu, you can travel to Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Russia and the Czech Republic. Great choice for a large company of friends.


Boddingtons (UK) 370 Rub.
American Pale Ale (Америка)250 руб.
BUD (USA)270 Rub.
Young's Double Chocolate Stout (UK)440 Rub.
Young's London Stout (UK)420 Rub.
Belle-Vue (Belgium)370 Rub.
Hoegaarden (Belgium)360 Rub.
Leffe Blond (Belgium)390 Rub.
Leffe Brune (Belgium)390 Rub.
Stella Artois (Belgium)290 Rub.
Erdinger Weissbier (Germany)440 Rub.
Franziskaner (Germany)360 Rub.
Krombacher Hell (Germany)370 Rub.
Spaten (Germany)360 Rub.
Spaten Dunkel (Germany)360 Rub.
Magners (Ireland)430 Rub.
Khamovniki (Russia)270 Rub.
Mokhnaty Shmel Ale (Russia) 270 Rub.
Budweiser (Czech Republic)390 Rub.
Velvet (Czech Republic) 370 Rub.

Taste every brand in Hooters!
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