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Football games broadcasting

Трансляции футбольных матчей

Hooters is a dream for every football fan! Only in Hooters you can watch all games of your favorite team or league. You can watch the Champions League, the Europa League, Russian Premier League, the Russian Cup, the European and World Championships, Championships of Spain, England, Italy and others.

Why you should watch football in Hooters:
⚽ We installed 35 HD TV screens and 2 huge video walls for your comfortable watching.
⚽ We can display any live football game onto any screen.
⚽ All games are live.
⚽ It's always warm and comfy! You won't have to get cold in the stadium.
⚽ Huge choice of food perfect for football game watching.
⚽20 beer brands.You can't buy beer in the stadium!
⚽ Hooters Girls who will enjoy the victory with you!

The football games timetable is available here.