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Business lunch


We know it is tough to work! Take a break and get your lunch at Hooters! Renewed lunch starting from only 200 rubles. Available at Hooters from Monday till Friday 12 - 4 PM.


Tomato soup with seafood250 rub.
Cream soup50 rub.
Chicken noodle soup50 rub.
Borsch50 rub.
Okroshka with kvas base / kefir base50 rub.
Soup of the day50 rub.


Buckwheat noodles with vegetables, chicken & egg200 rub.
Hooters sandwich200 rub.
Gyros with chicken200 rub.
Codfish with rice & salad chuka200 rub.
Sakettini with nut sauce250 rub.
Ravioli with cheese in creamy sauce250 rub.
Chicken wings with french fries300 rub.
Chicken burrito350 rub.
Beef medllions350 rub.
Green salad with shrimps350 rub.


Lemonade with basil100 rub.
Americano50 rub.
Black tea50 rub.
Green tea50 rub.

Don't forget about our Big mOOndays! Get your favorite Hooters burger only for 300 rubles.

Get free Pepsi, 7UP or water (0,25 l.) with your lunch! Please ask you Hooters Girl for more information about soup of the day.

Welcome to Hooters,
Your Hooters Girls