Legendary American restaurant Hooters

A while ago in 1983 six friends from Clearwater, Florida decided to open a restaurant, which would make men happy with cold beer, delicious food and attractive girls.

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The original Hooters restaurant

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The founders of Hooters - 6 friends with absolutely no previous restaurant experience

There are 460 Hooters restaurants
in 29 countries

Russia's first Hooters Restaurant opened on April 28, 2014 in Moscow, Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky Pereulok, 9Hooters headquarters in Atlanta, USA
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The world needs more Hooters

The next one can be yours!

Open your Hooters

The face of our sports bar — beautiful Hooters Girls

Pretty, fun and friendly. They wear an attractive uniform and are always ready to help. Every restaurant has waiters, but only we have Hooters Girls!

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Sport broadcasts

Sports broadcasts

Enjoy every detail on our 26 Full-HD TVs and a video wall

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